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Hello world!


Welcome to Windsor 2010 -- the 200th celebration of  the naming of this historic village! This is the initial entry of the Windsor Blog. We'll post once a week some new tidbit that will help you find your way to Windsor. The print Guide: Historic Windsor Guide is distributed throughout Sydney and while in Windsor, you can also find copies.

MAY 2010: The weather has cooled down (quite chilly some nights) and Windsor Mall was beautiful last week after a hard rain. Autumn leaves covered the Mall in layers and on a windless day, pre-school kids ran through the leaves squealing and laughing as kids world-wide have done for decades.

Three new shops opened on George Street in May -- it's exciting to see new faces and interesting quality items. The Sunday Mall Crafts Markets were abuzz today (30/5) as the weather was dry and warm and shoppers paraded back and forth between stalls. Autumn veggies were plentiful and, a new crop of oranges and mandarins have arrived from Castlereagh.

See you in Windsor soon? Leave us a comment or question if there is some fact (or fiction) on your mind.  Cheers.