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Thursday was one of those spectacular days -- a sparkling morning which holds the promise of a great sunny day. We began with a drive up to Mount Tomah Botanic Garden to visit our friends on the staff and to see the newly opened Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Exhibition Centre. We do promise you, Readers, the exhibition is all that it promises and more. Hands-on exhibits, a beautiful small garden on the rooftop and one of the most stunning audio visual presentations. A view of  remote sites within the World Heritage area are breathtakingly beautiful and inspirational.  We were drawn back to see the audio/visual again after tea . . . it truly is "A window to wilderness."
Surrounding Mount Tomah (and not remote), are beautiful vistas and on a day like Thursday, you could see forever. After taking in the virtual wilderness for a second time, we walked into the Garden fully aware this area is precious, pristine and protected while so close to encroaching suburbia.

  1.  Australia's first conservation group, the Blue Gum Forest Committee, was formed in 1931 and they raised enough money to buy and keep the Forest in public hands.
  2.  Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is under the protection of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.
  3. Protecting our heritage is most important -- in other countries, we have witnessed the gradual erosion and damage to their natural beauty.

In a later Post, we will describe our drive from Mount Tomah down Bells Line of Road and out to Wisemans Ferry in a single day.  It is a long trip, but how much is "gorgeous" worth on such a day!

The Mall on George Street has a new buzz -- caffeine (coffee/tea) and yummy freshly baked goods on the corner of George and Baker Streets in Windsor. The Outback Bakery is the newest addition to a growing Mall and its owners have three other bakeries around NSW. Currently the doors are open until 6pm, so stop by for a late pick-me-up. You can't leave empty handed as the breads, cakes and pies all look so delectable.

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