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Go Travel Windsor: Roars In Like a Lion,


 'Geranium' by Melissa Read Devine


Spring seems to be filled with great indecision this year. . . is winter really over? Or are these summer temperatures a tease for what is to come?


Still, we can plan for a big spring clean and getting ready for stable weather. We suggest that you visit Windsor's Home Store at 189 George Street -- it is the big corner store stocked from floor to ceiling with homeware goodies!


Phone: 02 4577 7747
Hours: Open daily

At the corner of Fitzgerald and George streets, The Home Store of Windsor is the 'everything' store. It is an 'Emporium of Riches'!

You could wander for days in room after room chock-a-block from floor to ceiling with ... well, everything! Think kitchen, think home accessories. Think weddings and parties!


Think invitations, stationery and table decorations. Need dress-up costumes? Need arts and crafts items for school holidays? If you can't find an item, call on the staff. They seem to know every nook and cranny and the location of those everyday items.


Back in ancient 2014, we received an enquiry through our website from a reader residing on the Central Coast. She couldn't recall the name of a shop in Windsor where she had made a purchase. She wanted a duplicate of the item. Calling upon the wisdom of our Windsor friends, within minutes, we knew, and from many sources - the name and location: The Home Store on George Street.

  The Home Store: located near the Old Post Office on The Mall


Proprietor Tass Karozis tells us that many locals still refer to the store by its name from many years ago, The Base. Typical of country towns - the former name and its reputation is fused in local memory.


Go Travel Windsor: Click, Click All Selfies


                                   Photographer Julie Rapp, 'Overstepping'


How fortunate are we in the Hawkesbury? A stunning collection of photography is on exhibit until October 4 AND we are the only venue in Sydney to offer this exhibition. It includes black and white photos, artist books, photolithography and digital photography and includes 70 works of Australian and internations photographers.



ELAINE CAMPANER, 'Christmas Island'     William Yang, 'The Morning After'


These works convey how photography has been at the centre of critical debates -- revealing sports, war, poverty or riches, crime, love, family and changes in our cities and our social lives.


Now you may argue that photography haven't changed much over the years, but the way in which it has been distributed -- mass produced and photo-documents -- has changed dramatically with the development of mobile phones (hardware) and online platforms (software) like Flickr and Instagram.




  • "CLICK" COMPETITION FOR KIDS (5-12 Years; 13-18 Years) Entry forms necessary! Looking for 'selfies' or friends, family or important people in a selfie's life. So click away and get creative. Deadline for entry is Sunday 23 August. (for more info: Diana Robson 02 4560 4444


  • Personified places: Selfie Spaces for Year 10 - 12 students. A workshop led by artist educators from the MCA Learning Team. 4 September. Students will question the 'selfie' within the tradition of portraiture. Fantastic opportunity to explore organically serial images, time lapse documentation, polaroid photography and social media. (Free) Limited to 15 students Call for bookings 02 4560 4418. 


  • Professional Development Day for Teachers. Saturday 5 September 11am - 5pm. New ways to engage with contemporary art (hands-on session) led by a practising artist educator from the MCA Learning Team. Will include a practical photography workshop (all supplies provided) and will incourage new ways to inspire your students. (Fee) Call 02 4560 4441. Morning tea and lunch included.


 So much art and creativity at our Hawkesbury Regional Gallery. Get involved!