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Go Travel Windsor: The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Lollies N Stuff



While the weather outside isn't snowing and the rain on Sunday didn't keep us indoors, we know those days are ahead.


Best to plan for them: stock up with popcorn, lollies and some terrific movies for kids. This time of year we revert to the 'oldies': Shrek, Babe, Toy Story (Buzz Lightyear and Woody) -- flicks we used to watch with our grandson when he was so young.


Things have changed: grandson has moved away to university and we can now rev up Netflix. These terrific family flicks are still around for a winter's night viewing and stocking up on the goodies is easily accomplished in Windsor at Lollies 'n Stuff on The Mall.


If you have yet to travel to Disneyland (Los Angeles) to see the amazing lolly shop on Disney's Main Street, Windsor' Lollies 'n Stuff is almost its replica. If there are children in your family, you more than likely have found this new monster candy store on The Mall.


From floor to ceiling, rows and rows of familiar lollies trigger such a nostalgic longing for the American candies of our childhood. However, you are surrounded with many choices - an immense, international range of sweets from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and England. To our advantage, 150 bulk lollies are in stock - a little of this, a little of that! Here decisions are not easy, but what a joy: choosing some of each!


Plush toys, games, puzzles, and novelty items - any would make a perfect birthday gifts or stocking-stuffers and at Lollies 'n' Stuff there is such a huge assortment. For those very hot days, an ice cream or cool drink is close at hand.

You have stepped into an 'international house of candy'.

Go Travel Windsor: Big, Bigger & Biggest!



Weekend Breakfast on Windsor's George Street (The Mall, Windsor)



Saturday Breakfast at one of Windsor's charming cafes can be a highlight for kicking off your weekend. You'll have a number of choices up and down the full length of George Street. Today, we'll talk about a cafe which has been on George Street for years.


On Saturday, we took our son-in-law to Simon's for the BIG BREAKFAST! And 'big' it was. This big eater is two metres (tall, not round) and could withstand a Windsor flood. And when given the opportunity, he can happily 'chow down'.

When the big platter was served, even he looked surprised! Owner, Kylie Vella does not exaggerate when she describes her Big Breakfast. We don't have a photo and somehow words don't do it justice! However, we'll give it a try. . . 


Beautiful over easy eggs; enough bacon for three, sausages, potatoes, sliced tomatoes, stir-fry mushrooms and onions -- all prepared to perfection and beautifully served. Now, add two large slices of whole meal toast. This man's breakfast was pure satisfaction!


  (Other options @Simon's 



Windsor was lovely on this sunny Saturday and visitors thought so, also. With the beautiful autumn weather, we suggest you give Simon's a try. Keep in mind, the al fresco seating goes quickly.