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Mark your calendar -- with so many events around the corner, you will love the season and warmer weather!

  • First up on our schedule is the bi-annual (10 - 11 September) OPEN STUDIO weekend for the Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Trail. Hours 10am - 4pm. From Kurrajong Heights out to Wisemans Ferry, the trail 's Open Studio imakes for a great day out. For more details see: Hawkesbury A&A Trail
  • School Holidays and time to hang out at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery and Library -- both are found in the Derrubbin Centre. Some activities are free and others have a fee. Check with the staff if you have questions or want to book a place. 

Week One of the Holidays:



HENNA WORKSHOP for 11+ years
Monday 26 September 2-3.30pm
Learn about the ancient art of Henna. Henna tattoo ink is temporary, but can last a few weeks. Stan Stevens Studio, Deerubbin Centre. $5 – bookings essential. Phone 4560 4460 . We think the photo above says it all. . . beautiful!  



DID I SEE THAT? for 5+ years
Wednesday 28 September 10am-noon
Create eye-boggling optical illusions using simple but impressive techniques.  Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor. Bookings essential. $15  - payment required when booking. Children should wear clothes suitable for working with paint. Phone 4560 4441 
3D BOOK BUTTERFLIES for 10+ years
Friday 30 September 10am-noon
Using recycled books make a 3D sculpture of butterflies flying out of your book. Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor. $15 – bookings essential. Payment required when booking. Children should wear clothes suitable for working with paint. Phone 4560 4441
WEEK TWO - There are more fun workshops available -- we are running out of space!
RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY for 5+ years
Thursday 6 October  10am-noon
Celebrate the end of Winter by painting a vibrant watercolour umbrella. Hawkesbury Regional Gallery,Windsor. $15 –  bookings essential. Payment required when booking. Children should wear clothes suitable for working with paint. Phone 4560 4441  
HOT AIR BALLOONS for 8+ years
hursday 6 October 2-4pm
Let this balloon lantern take you up, up and away. Hang it up or put it on your bedside table for a fun night light. Richmond Branch Library. $5 – bookings essential. Phone 4560 4460     
BOOK BOX DIORAMA for 10+ years. 
Friday 7 October  10am-noon
Inside every story book is a hidden world!  Bring one to life using model supplies to create a special book box diorama. Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor. $20 – bookings essential. Payment required when booking. Children should wear clothes suitable for working with paint. Phone 4560 4441

In recent weeks, Windsor Mall has encorporated the quiet of winter. . . the lovely trees are now bare, several shops have crept away from the Mall and even the Sunday Markets are not as crowded. As a perpetual worrier, we worry about the state of Windsor!




Yet, The Mall's 'eat street' flourishes. . . new cafes open, existing cafes get a new owner, menus change and on a Sunday morning when the weather is good, a crowd shows up for breakfast! So perhaps our worrying is unwarranted. Perhaps we are merely seeing the 'quiet of winter'.


We believe Windsor Mall today offers that perfect opportunity for business development. Empty shops mean the opportunity for entrepreneurship is present -- a chance to spread your wings, get creative and start your own -- Go Solo.  And Historic Windsor with all its charm is that place today.







Ian of the Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler, Blake of The Bridge Cafe, Kylie of the Windsor Ice Creamery, Alicia of Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter, Tass of The Home Store, Margo of George Street Loft and Lee-Anne of Nine 50 -- all have some history of their own in Windsor.





Long time owners, Adrian of Windsor Chinese Restaurant or Anthony of Biviano's Restaurant or Wendy of Karinaglen Arts & Crafts exhibit the staying power of a soloist business man or woman.


Passion, creativity, perhaps a gene passed on from family  -- one rarely knows the source, but it has been our observation that stamina and resiliance are a must if one is to last, if the business is to succeed.


Today, we look at the successful business of WonderShushi at the front of Lachlan Court.




Address:Shop 4, Lachlan Court, 100 George Street
Phone: 02 4577 8096
Hours: Open daily 11.30am to 9pm

Day in, day out, every weekday, a scene repeats itself, with little or no variation. The 'suits' file into this diminutive Japanese café (now in its third year) as if reporting for military duty and by noon the sushi bar is filled to overflowing. Perhaps if you are lucky, a side-table is vacant. We are surprised to find the sushi bar comfortably crowded on a Thursday at 4.00pm. It seems customers are here during all open hours. On weekends and during school holidays, families arrive - Aussie kids have developed a palate for sushi.

The importance of 'fresh' - fresh fish, fresh prawns, fresh greens, and fresh tender veggies - is clearly why customers keep this café busy at any time of the day. Daily shopping at the Sydney Fish Market guarantees consistently fresh seafood. This attention to detail Alan believes '... keeps the customer happy and a happy customer will return.'

Recently a new menu was created - every listed item was photographed and with the description, we can order with ease. We are a bit timid, but with the new menu, we moved into unknown territory - a brave step for us. As cooler weather approaches, Udon - a Japanese noodle soup and Yum Cha - a steam dumpling - are added to the menu.

Early one morning, we watch the staff prepare for the lunchtime onslaught. Neat, precise and efficient, they cut, roll and arrange each delicate piece on gleaming white china. Spicy tuna, white tuna, snow crab, tempura shrimp or a mizu roll - each is superb and their presentation is flawless.

Thinking of starting your own -- Windsor Mall may be just the place!


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