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The Macquarie Towns Orchestra Concert is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the joys of musical instruments.  The instrumentalists of the group are of all ages, from teen-agers to grandmums and grandpas and play they do! Sunday 20June is the day at the St Mathews Anglican Church. The admission fee for children is only $6.  One note: be prepared that the pews are not for the "weak of back". Our ancestors of 1800 intended for church goers to stay awake. Call 0407 711 016 for details.

     Earlier this month, we met up again with artisan, Alicia Goldstien at her Sassafras Creek exhibition in Kurrajong Village. Her recycled "jewellery by a farmer's daughter" is a delight. Colourful vintage materials are the tools of Alicia and she produces charming wearable art. We indulged and purchased a delicate piece made from an antique hand fan, a button and an smokey coloured chain.  Perfect for a summer dress and sandals. Alicia, herself, is a charmer -- a great laugh and sense of humour and a love for old wares. You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The weather has been perfect for several days -- quite chilly at night, but great for walking or just enjoying tea & scones at any one of the cafes where outdoor seating prevails on The Mall.  Even jumpers were shed as the June sunshine encouraged visitors out-of-doors -- many taking in the Regional Historical Museum. (12June)
We stopped in at the Hawkesbury Wedding Centre on George Street and not surprisingly, a beautiful bride-to-be was being fitted in a most lovely gown. It's amazing how a bridal setting evokes such emotional feelings in most of us -- very special moments and we always wish the best for the couple. 
Though parking is at a premium on the Sunday Mall Markets, always look down to Terrace Street next to Howe Park for (unlimited hours) parking. You'll also find an easy walk along the Hawkesbury beginning at Howe Park -- great for kids.
If you have found an interesting activity (that we have missed) in Windsor, leave us a comment and your details. We'll get in touch and we'll be back next week.
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